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All that exist upon creation.
Open the search of what shall be.
Lift our hearts from consternation.
Grant our souls entwine,
Until all the world agree,
In the heart of silence.

Featuring Poetry by James William Peercy
& Photography by Jacqueline E. Smith

Within the Heart of Silence
A Collection of Words and Images.

It was award Solo Medalist by New Apple for 2017.


Moon Half Full - previously on Amazon

...makes you read to the end, on the edge of your seat, without stopping....

...There is just enough description to make the story interesting without dragging it out with excess verbage...

Two lovers, one venture, and a warp through time...


Within the Heart of Silence... on Amazon

This book would make a great addition to any collection...

...brings...photographs to life in the most beautiful and spectacular way...


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Kindle Edition
Within the Heart of Silence... Amazon.com
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Print Edition
Within the Heart of Silence... Amazon.com
Within the Heart of Silence... Amazon.co.uk

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